Dealing with Depression: An Interview with a friend that conquered.

I recently shared my story on how I dealt with depression here and I got a lot of messages from people on how they dealt with their own experience and it was overwhelming. Honestly, it was.  This is why I decided to start this series, to share stories of people who overcame this phase in their life and to reassure people going through it that they can come out of it and probably learn from real life experiences.

I put out on my social media platforms asking for people who had gone through depression and willing to share their story and my friend Oma immediately replied. i have been skeptical about putting this up cause i wanted her story to be well told and i hope you pick out one or two things if you are in this situation. So, here goes her story:

My name is Oma and I was depressed for a while. I was highly stressed to the maximum at work, spoken ruthlessly to by my boss and everything I did felt wrong. I became so scared of her and afraid of work. Most times when she’s done shouting and I have to respond, I won’t find words to answer her.

What made you realize that you were depressed?

I realized that I was depressed when I started to notice that i was becoming highly irritable and always anxious. I was always angry and wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about it. i wasn’t eating well and i was loosing interest in basic stuffs.

Did you speak to anyone and what were their reactions?

I spoke to a friend. And he was highly helpful, going through the phase with me. He told me ways to handle the situations, what to say and better ways to react to her. He never judged me as opposed to what every other person could have told me.

How did this affect your relationship with your loved ones?

I argued with my boyfriend a lot about everything, but I’m blessed to have someone that understood what was going on and was always there. I stopped going home because it didn’t appeal to me anymore and even when I went home, I just get to my room and sleep. I was just completely angry with everything and everyone.

What about relationship with yourself?

It affected my self-esteem and the way that I viewed things. I was able to get a hold on them before losing it completely.

Did suicide ever occur to you?

No, it didn’t. I felt alone….Yes, but not suicide.

Personally, how did you help yourself recover better?

I spoke to myself. I refused to be down. I was in a terrible place and tried to take out negativity on any one around. I decided to start speaking positive words to myself. Everyday i would speak to myself words of positivity and it helped me recover.


At the end of talking with her, one thing that stood out for me in this was how she started to speak positive words to herself. It goes to show how powerful the words we speak are and how much they edifies or break us down. For Oma, she saw it as building up what her boss had already broken in her with her words.

I have been friends with her for more than six years and I noticed she was withdrawn but she always said she was fine whenever I asked. I felt she was really fine and that maybe I was just panicking. You see those friends that claim to “be fine” or “very strong” or “always too happy”? Constantly check up on them. You never know what they are going through under that charade of “I’m fine”.

If you would love to share your own story, email me at or at any of my social media platform at the left hand of the page.



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