MSC Experience: Choosing to run an Msc program

Adanna AtuonwuOne semester later and I think am ready to write about how my Masters has changed my life so far. I will do a step by step gist for you on why I decided to go for a masters degree, finding myself in my school and my experiences so far. It will also be a rant because at some point I felt like getting on this degree was taking a huge toll on my life and making me miss opportunities I think I should have at the moment.


Before I start, I like to emphasize that you shouldn’t rush into doing a masters immediately after your first degree unless you are absolutely sure of what you want to do. This is because the program is too stressful for you to study what doesn’t interest you. During my one year NYSC program (NYSC is a compulsory one year program for Nigerian university graduates), I realized my first degree was not enough for me, it just didn’t satisfy me if that makes sense. At the end of four years, I started to ask myself “is that it?” I knew I wanted to do a follow up instantly from my first degree which was in Mass Communication. My interest in digital marketing had also grown as well and I just wanted to do a more hands on course. I needed a course that will satisfy all of this in a year and also in Nigeria and my friend suggested I check out my current school. I had also applied for jobs in the places where I was interested and I was turned down because “you are good enough but for our organization you need to get your masters before you can work here”. This ignited the want to pursue a master’s degree. Currently, am running a masters degree in Media and Communication with my major in Marketing Communications from Pan Atlantic University (PAU) in Lagos.


There was no space for adjusting because on my first day, I went home with an assignment that was due in two days. I remember laughing and thinking this people cannot be serious, and the next day we got an email reminding us of the assignment that was due the next day and I knew that I just landed myself into what I was not ready for. It stretched me from all angles and I remember early this year actually crying my eyes out in my room because I was just plain tired. Every week you are battling meeting assignment deadlines as well as not lagging behind in your dissertation proposal, all this with preparing for tests. Turnitin has been my present terror and honestly if you have tips on how to deal with it, a sister would really appreciate.

Exams came and I found myself constantly on caffeine and no sleep. As daunting as it sounds, building a tribe that share in the same struggles makes it easy. Every day that I had to go to school, I always consider the idea of just dropping out and you know given a degree for the one that I have read already. But just constantly reminding myself that it would be worth it pushes me to wake up and get dressed for the day.


I have met people that have made me grow, and tasked my patience as well. It’s been interesting coming out of my comfort zone and being challenged. Meeting people who are eventually going to be big shots in the industry. Learning from people who have excelled in their fields and being given tips on how to survive in the field. Being allowed to share your opinions for me is one of the perks that I have enjoyed in this program. You get to exchange opinions with your lecturer and given real life problems to solve, for me it’s exciting as tasking as it is.

Am always complaining about how stressful the program is and looking forward to the end of it. But, it is rewarding in the skills that you learn and in the attributes that you begin to hone without realizing it. It is rewarding in the people that you meet and in the memories that you create in the stress of the moment.

If you’ve done your masters or currently running one, how are you coping and what tips do you have to share…..



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