what drives you

I was reading a book on Wattpad titled “The Bad Boy and the Tom Boy”, I know it sounds very cheeky but it’s a good book. I came across a scene where one of the main characters was trying to explain to another character about battling with memories of a loved one that he lost. She said “It’s that the worst thing about death rather than dying is being forgotten”. And it struck me deeply. Maybe because I have lost someone and have been fighting to completely forget about her, or maybe recently I have been thinking so much about being remembered after I die. Contradicting right? This is really how my mind thinks about these things.

It_s that the worst thing about death rather than dying is being forgotten”

But then what really made me think was how frightening it is that people might not think about you anymore once you are dead, or that I might not do enough to be remembered for a long time. And this honestly would have motivated the mindset that I want to leave in 2017 especially because the year is just starting and I have set goals that I want to smash both this year and on the long run. But yet I feel like it is so much pressure, having this kind of motivation backing how much you want to achieve and how much you want to be.

So then, what really drives you?

For me it is to be HAPPY and be a baby girl. I just want to reach into myself and discover the things that I am passionate about and start to find ways to show them to the world in such a beautiful way. To utilize my purpose in God to the highest and to be myself in its complete wholeness and explore myself to its full potential. I want when my motivation level starts to drop, and I realize how much I want to stretch my potential and how much happiness it is going to bring me, it will just refill my motivation tank and keep me going.

What drives you everyday? What fuels you up even when you are not in the mood to get up? share your comments…


Love and Light




  1. I always find myself thinking about these sort of things, am I doing enough? Will it be worth it at the end? My motivation daily stems from the fact that I can’t quit. I may get tired, slack sometimes but I can’t just quit.

    1. It’s funny because when i saw your tweet, i was typing this. And yes, the want to just be happy and achieve the things i want from life makes me stand up from my bed…..Thank you for reading babe.

  2. I was discussing with my sister days ago that I know I pull crowd and try to carry people along, that has always been my default setting however I realized it has done me more harm than good then I planned to stop, but I decided this year that no one will ever make me change my ways because that is how I want to be remembered

  3. This capture my greatest motivation…. To live an enduring legacy behind and not be forgotten after death (or be remembered for negative things…lol). I have come to realize that I have one lifetime to live,living in fear or not realizing my God given talent, potential and purpose is not how I want to live my life…

  4. I want to be remembered as that guy that lived HIS life, putting smiles on people’s faces. Part of what really motivates me to go out daily is knowing some persons would kill to be in my position. Not like I’m in the heavens or privileged much but then, even the little heights matter.

    Thank you for this soothing piece.💜

  5. I feel happy when my mentoring and productivity puts smile on faces of people. It motivates me to do more. You are remembered by what you have done by the grace of God.

  6. The way you said “and be a baby girl” Lol….I think many people are scared of being forgotten after death,I know I am…but that is what motivates me to try to make an impact or do something worth remembering regardless of how little for people around me

  7. The fact that I have to wake up, dress up, and make my life beautiful is my motivation. I mean, God gave me another day, so why not make it look beautiful? I have this big picture of how my life will look by December 2018 and trust me, that picture will come to life .
    Wonderful work Ady! God bless you.

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