Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2018. A lot of people have already declared what this year will be for them but before we get to that, let’s look at 2017 for a moment.

2017 was a lot for me…..the anxiety and nervous breakdown I had was interesting. I was a bundle of nerves this year and I had to learn to trust God’s plan for me while making steps to grow.

I FINALLY finished NYSC which is a one year compulsory program for Nigerian University graduates. I also started my master’s program which has really drained me just three months in but am really grateful for the opportunity.

I moved around a bit, from living in Abuja to moving back to Enugu where my family is based and then moving to Lagos for my master’s program where I intend to settle or carry myself back to Abuja but you never know.

2017 was the year i learnt new lessons and the things that I had known before was made clearer to me. Remember the quote about “it’s about the little things”, it was made clearer to me this year. I was reminded of how appreciative I should be about the most little things constantly. It’s even as little as being grateful for hitting your hands against a table and not hurting yourself.

I realized that you are enough for yourself. All you have to do is to just “make an effort” and take it a step at a time. Don’t rush the process. And don’t measure yourself by another person’s process. You will really just end up being depressed am telling you.

My purpose got clearer to me hence the reason why I had to push myself to be more consistent with my contents this year. To explore the kind of contents that I would love to create and be less scared of people embracing it.

For 2018, it’s about setting measurable goals and smashing them. Finishing my masters degree strong, falling in love, creating amazing contents and just exploring who I am more.

I also plan to travel to at least one African country before the year runs out. Am thinking Ghana or Nairobi that is closer.

Most importantly enjoying God’s love and plans for me.

Like my brother has been saying “Its shine season”, so let your light shine so bright this year.

How was your 2017? And what are your goals for 2018? Comment below and let me know the kind of contents you will love to see this year.


11 thoughts on “2017 IN RETROSPECT……GOALS FOR 2018

  1. Wow nice writeup dear, i dont even know what my 2018 will be like yet, but i know for sure that i want to achieve more than i did in 2017.

  2. Simply amazing, well I love the part you said don’t compare your process with another persons…
    Hehehehehe,, falling inloveeeeeee awwwwnn.. That’s sweet.. Anyways, 2017 was a great year for me irrespective of the ups and downs it was amazing… 2018 is just getting better and I mean it is already lubricated for me(if you know what I 😏)..

  3. 2017 was filled with a lot of ups and down for me however I am very grateful for a lot of things🙌I was In a ghastly motor accident sometime in May and I didn’t come out with any scratch🤸‍♂️It was a miracle and that alone has made me believe in Gods plans😁
    This year I plan to live life to the fullest and not let anything or anyone take that joy from me!!! It is a me me me season guys❤️Weldon my love

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